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New Counselor

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About the New Counselor Support Group

  • Led by Chelsea Fielder-Jenks, MA, LPC

  • Participants get support, validation, and consultation to help navigate the journey from novice counselor to seasoned therapist.

  • For new counselors and helping professionals, all backgrounds and levels of education welcome

  • The group is part support, part process, part consultation

  • We will work from a counselor developmental model

  • The group is a place for new counselors in the group to get support around the dilemmas that come with being a new therapist, like:

    • Struggling with self-efficacy and second guessing your work with clients

    • “Impostor Syndrome” or not quite feeling like a 'real' therapist

    • Figuring out your therapeutic style or which modality you subscribe to

    • Professional development issues

    • Case consultation

    • Compassion fatigue

    • And on... 

  • Group members can expect to develop an understanding of their emotional reactions to topics, to other members, and to their clients, so we can better understand ourselves and the dynamics we have interpersonally. At times, we may have readings outside of group session. We will also incorporate skills like mindfulness and self-care as needed.

  • This group is not meant to be a replacement for supervision or counseling; however, it can certainly be used in conjunction with it.

  • Group meets weekly for 1.5 hours on Wednesdays from 9 am to 10:30 am. Does this time not work for you? A new time offering may be forming, so please still inquire by clicking the “sign up” button below!

  • Fee is donation based: $20-$50 per group.

  • Location: Thrive Counseling & Consulting, 3624 North Hills Drive, Suite 201A, Austin, TX 78731

  • Questions? Contact Chelsea at 254-702-1191 or email: 

  • Interested? Complete the sign-up form, here: