Thrive Counseling + Consulting, PLLC


A Good Fit


Feel like you're just surviving?
I can help you thrive.

If you find yourself having any of the following thoughts or struggles, we are likely a good fit:

  • My relationships aren't working out.

  • My life feels so chaotic. You know that feeling when you're holding your breath swimming underwater, in those moments just before you surface wondering if you're going to make it or not? Yeah that's me all the time.

  • I'm so overwhelmed or feel out of control with my emotions.

  • I can't do this anymore. Something has to change.

  • Everything would be better if only _______ (I looked a certain way, I had more money, I had a different job, I had certain type of relationship).

  • I keep falling into the same, frustrating patterns in life... at work, in my relationships... I'm done with these same old traps and ready to make a change.

  • I don't know who I am anymore.

  • I don't feel like anybody really knows me.

  • I get so overwhelmed I feel like I can't breathe.

  • I have a hard time telling people "no."

  • I have a hard time asking others for what I want or need.

  • I rarely know what it is I'm feeling.

  • I often stuff my emotions down.

  • I’m tired of turning to drugs or alcohol to try to feel better.

  • It's difficult for me to put my needs before others' needs.

  • I'm so exhausted by thinking about food, my weight, my body, or my appearance all the time.

  • I'm sick of hating my body.

  • I've tried on different identities and personas but can't seem to figure out which one really fits.

  • I wish I could be more independent from my parents, but can't seem to find a way to do so.

  • I get so overwhelmed with emotions I cut myself, purge, or engage in other self-harm behaviors.

  • I feel out of control of my actions.

  • I can't seem to still my mind and shut my thoughts off.

  • I'm always second guessing myself and can't seem to make the 'right' decision.

I get it, the struggle is real. It's a bad feeling to be just surviving when you could be thriving. The thing is, you're in the woods doing what you can to survive and you're not able to see the clear path out, but that's what I'm here for! I know, from both personal and professional experience, how beneficial counseling can be. With counseling, you can learn how to reconstruct this toxic inner dialogue, how to ride out big emotion waves, how to make choices about your actions rather than being reactive, how to communicate effectively, how to find compassion for yourself, how to stand up for yourself, and how to find gratitude - even on the most terrible of days.