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About EmpowHER

EmpowHER is a 12-week personal growth group for female identifying folx. Led by Chelsea Fielder-Jenks, MA, LPC, it is a group rooted in feminism and nurtured with community so that your power rises, your story blooms, and your voice shines. 

The group meets weekly for 12 weeks. Interest for new group is currently being gathered - please submit sign up form below if you’d like to join!

Location: Thrive Counseling & Consulting - 3624 North Hills Dr., Suite A - 201, Austin, TX 78731

This is an intersectional feminist group for female identifying folx that are interested in personal growth and connection.

Don’t know what intersectional feminist means? No worries, we’ll learn about that…

You’ll like this group if you are interested in the following:

  • Learning more about yourself including your intersectional identity and core personal values

  • Exploring how our patriarchal, western society has shaped you - getting all kinds of emotional about it (maybe pissed, sad, ashamed, guilty… all feelings are welcomed and not judged), showing some self-compassion, and then doing something about it

  • Interested in improving your: boundaries, communication skills and assertiveness, self-compassion, body image, sexual empowerment, spirituality, career/finances, and relationships

  • Hearing and learning from experts in the fields of body image, sexual empowerment, women’s personal safety, and more!

Let’s get real, this group requires:

  • Commitment. To get the most from group, it’s important you attend each group meeting, arrive on-time, and stay the entire time.

  • Vulnerability. You’ll take from group what you put in. Together, we will build a group that is confidential, safe, and nurturing, so that you can feel comfortable being vulnerable and get all you can from the group.

  • Full-participation. The group includes a workbook with additional readings and exercises for you to do outside of our group time so that we can have thought provoking, lively discussions in group and enjoy the maximum benefits that come from the group process.

More details

2019 is the year that a group of female identifying folx come together to process and overcome the patriarchal scripts they've followed, or been told to follow, for too long. 

This women’s only group will meet to explore how our patriarchal society has impacted each of them in a unique way.

Through education, discussion, skills acquisition, and experiential and reflective activities, we will begin to re-write those scripts. We will do this by recognizing our power, owning our stories, and asserting our voice.

The goal is to leave the group with a stronger sense of identity, skills we didn’t know we had, a sense of tight-knit community, and feeling EmpowHERed

Participants can expect to hear from guest speakers and powerful females in the Austin community. 

Each participant will receive their own copy of the EmpowHER workbook written by group leader Chelsea Fielder-Jenks, LPC.

Build your EmpowHERed network and foster new relationships!

Investment: $65/per group + one time materials fee of $50 

Want to join? Sign up today!

Questions? Contact Chelsea.