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Thinking about starting a diet? First, check-the-facts: Diets don't work

We are heading into the new year and that means that our media is inundated with diet and weight loss recommendations, tips, and success stories all meant to help you create the “new, thinner, happier, and all-around better version of you.” What the media doesn’t tell you is that diets don’t work in the long-term; in fact, they can lead to weight gain and disordered eating.  

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One thing you can do to increase your happiness without making a major life change

When considering our own happiness and how to increase happiness in our life, we often think, "What needs to change to make me happier?" "What can I do better?" or "What do I need to change about myself to be happier?"  We can also fall into the trap of "I'll be happier when XYZ happens... or when I achieve XYZ..." We push our happiness out to the future...

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